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What is a backlink?

How can backlinks help my online business?

A backlink is a link on one website (the backlinker) that links to another website (the backlinkee). When backlinks are on an authority site, they hold more weight than backlinks on sites with less authority. The higher the authority of the backlinking site, the more backlinks it will receive, and the faster your own site’s SERP ranking will improve by way of receiving backlinks.

Be aware: backlinking can be used in an unethical manner to increase SERP rankings by obtaining backlinks from low-quality sites rather than high-quality sites. This is referred to as “black hat” backlinking. Using this method does not benefit you or Google, so avoid doing so at all costs if you wish to have a reputable backlink profile.

You should only backlink your pages, not other sites’ pages or backlinks. You must also backlink to the full page destination that you are trying to rank rather than just linking with anchor text which doesn’t contain a backlink. This is known as “followed” backlinking.

Build links to grow your online identity.

When you carry out a Google search, you’ll find that websites with many backlinks appear higher on the results page. Even if these backlinks come from lower-rated sites, they are still worth it since they increase the website’s perceived authority. The reason for this is because a high number of backlinks is considered an indication that your website is popular and trustworthy by Google’s algorithm although it may not be authoritative itself initially.

In order to tell whether a site is considered authoritative, check its citation flow (CF) and trust flow (TF). Sites with high CF and TF backlinks are considered authoritative backlinking sites by Google, so backlink to them where possible. To see the authority metrics of your backlinker site, use Ahrefs or Moz Open Site Explorer.

To become an authority within Google’s eyes, you need to obtain backlinks from websites ranking highly in SERP results. This is because backlinks’ value will increase through authority metrics as I mentioned above. You can achieve this through high-quality content that other websites find useful. If it benefits them enough, they’ll include a backlink to your page which will boost your website’s SERP rankings.

Also, be aware that having backlinks on sites with high PageRank (PR) is beneficial. Google uses backlinks to help determine the ranking of websites, so backlink to other sites with high PR within your content wherever possible.

Pro tip– Once you begin backlinking, be sure to also backlink internally on your website by including backlinks in your articles where it makes sense since search engines prefer to see a good internal backlink effort and external backlinks.

Some backlink types are more valuable than others.

1) backlinks from sites with high TF (trust flow) and CF (citation flow), both authority metrics which determine website quality, for example, backlinks from or I mentioned these previously, but it’s worth repeating since they’re the most valuable backlinks you can obtain, especially backlinks that come from other authoritative websites within your industry.

2) backlinks that contain do-follow attribution/attribute value which will boost your backlink profile by enabling search engines to crawl back to your site without hindrance. This is crucial because if a backlink contains do-no-follow attribution, Google may not be able to access your backlinks properly.

3) backlinks from sites with high PR (page rank). Generally, backlinks from websites ranking on the first page of Google carry more weight than backlinks from lower-ranked pages. This is because search engines rely on backlink profiles to help determine website quality and relevance and backlinking is an integral part of this process.

4) backlinks that come from many different sources. As I mentioned above, if you obtain backlinks from a range of websites across the internet which include authoritative backlink profiles then it gives your website added validity in Google’s eyes since the content on such websites is generally more reputable.

5) backlinks containing keywords relevant to your site allow for higher search engine rankings by helping Google understand backlink relevance.

To backlink effectively, it’s important to do so internally as well as externally whenever possible. Backlinking externally alone will bring backlinks to your site but may not necessarily help you rank higher in search engine results since Google factors internal backlinks into its SERP rankings algorithm. Backlinking internally is also beneficial because it helps your website obtain higher rankings for relevant keywords which in turn increases organic traffic and sales.

As you can see, backlinking is an integral part of any online marketing strategy so make sure to include it in yours if you want to build a massive audience. Remember that having backlinks on websites with high PR is crucial since their authority metrics are highly regarded by the ranking algorithm of the search engines.

I hope you found this information helpful! Best wishes 🙂 Have something to add to the discussion? Drop us a line and let’s connect.

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