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What is SEO

What do SEO companies do and how do they work?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a way of making your website have the best user experience possible for someone looking for what you offer. Additionally, search engines use individuals like us to make sure people can find the companies they need. For a small business owner, digital experts like us are a must, we take into account many different things when optimizing a site to rank high in Google (google ranking requires SEO).

The first thing to understand about search engine optimization is that it refers to being near the top of the search results on the first page for a specific search. Think about it like this: you go on Google and type in “coffee shops” in your town; how would you feel if there were no coffee shops that popped up? Pretty sad right? As digital marketing experts, our job is to make sure the best and most relevant companies, such as yourself, are on the first page of all the search engines when someone searches for what you offer.

Second search engine optimization means having the most complete profile possible. If people can’t find you or don’t know about you, they can’t buy from you! That’s why we work hard on making and maintaining digital identities for our clients. We also work to get backlinks through outreach so even more people will come across your business. Backlinks are links that point towards your website; for example if I had an e-commerce seo business and then linked my website in an article called “10 Ways To Promote Your E-Commerce Site” it would then link “” Another form of backlinks we work on is often referred to as citations. Citations are when someone mentions your business in another online source such as an article or directory. That link then goes back to your company website, in turn making you look more credible and relevant.

Third SEO is all about the user experience of the site itself. People need to be able to use your site without any problems; if they can’t easily buy from you, why would they keep shopping with you? We make sure that people have an easy-to-browse, friendly webshop that will get them what they’re looking for quickly and easily! When we optimize a seo campaign for small businesses we aim to get them off the ground by ensuring that their website ranks high on Google for specific keywords related to their specific business. For us, it is the hardwood floor businesses that we work with the most.

Lastly SEO means being the most relevant. Relevance is what seo experts try to achieve when optimizing a small business’ site. If your site doesn’t show up at all on Google, then it’s not relevant! To rank high in search engines, we make sure they have keywords and search terms on their sites that people are using when searching for something rather than just words used often online. So seo optimization for hardwood floor businesses means being the best possible. You need to have one of the best user experiences on your site, the best/most complete business profile possible, and votes of confidence from others such as backlinks.


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